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Dyeing Guide

Written By: Golgotha

Here is a brief rundown of how to make and apply dyes on Nave. So nice when you see some color in the world.

Skills Involved...

Making dyes in MO needs the use of the Fabricula (though you do not need the actual Fabricula skill to do this). You need to open the potion making UI by pressing R when looking at the table. To gain the ability to make potions you need the following skills

Alchemy (P) You need 20 to unlock the skill of potion making
-----Potion Making (S) at 0. You can get the skill and lock it. Your natural stat bonus will give you enough points that you can use the table.

With this, you can open the UI and make potions, thus giving you the ability to make dyes.

Using the dyes needs another set of skills to use with great effect, and the least amount of dye to create more solid colours.

Tailoring (P)
-----Dyeing (S) Requires 40 Tailoring

Both, adding dye to the tub, and dyeing an item will raise this skill.

Dye Creation...

Note: Each keg in the picture is made from a single material source. There are other sources and colors as well than what is shown.

Certain material in game can create different colours. Some colours are more common than others and can be started from more than one material.

I would like to note that THIS WILL REQUIRE POTION VIALS and/or KEGS TO CREATE A DYE. In the end you will want kegs to keep your colours in. Use the combine function to add dye potions made in smaller vials into a larger keg as you go along and build up coloured materials.

When in front of the Farbricula, press R to open up the potion making UI. Drag the vial form your inventory onto the UI and the materials you have to make the dye from.

Every 10 units of material creates 1 unit in a potion vial. You need 10 units of potion to do one drop into a dye tub. SO for every 100 units of a material, you can make one addition, or one dye drop in a dye tub. A tub can take from 5-10 drops (for a weak showing color) to 50+ for a weak carcass concoction (though its carcass, you can get tonnes of it you just need the keg to hold it all when in potion form. So a 10k stack of carc will fill up a small keg)

You will need multiple drops in the dye tub to make it a strong enough color to dye with. (if you are using something as weak as carcass as a material in the tub, you will need, or want, a good potion of at least a small keg to do the dye process with). A 10 drop tub will show color nice, but a 20 is much more solid.

If you use a colourant material, the potion created will show the dye colour in it's icon. When you use a diluted colourant (like carcass) the icon is not as full coloured and appears washed out. If the potion you made has no colour effect, the potion appears white.

How to Dye...

So, now you have your coloured potions ready to go. You have your dye tub in your bank and want to get started. With your dye tub in your inventory, and your coloured potions you wish to use in the tub also in your inventory, right click the dye tub. This will bring up the tub UI:


When you left click and hold a dye, the dye tub UI will light up showing to drag and drop the potion over the tub. The potion will then reappear in your inventory with 10 less units into it. Each drop into the tub will take those 10 units. Depending on your dye, and your skill in Tailoring and dyeing, the number of additions to the tub needed will vary. If the mix is too weak for you to use, you will get a message and the item would be returned to your inventory untouched.

Here are some dye batches with a 10/20/30 dye drop progression...


This one started with 10 drop yellow, added in 5 black, 5 black, 5 red, 5 red, 5 black.


This one started out as blue, and went into adding a green. 5blue, 5blue, 5blue, 5green, 5green, 5green.

You can mix and match colours to make some nice final products.

NOW, the tub is ready with color and you want to get dyeing. Tabards and flags can be dyed to show good solid colours. Not everything else you wear can be dyed though...

Shoulders, arms and hands are not dye-able. Boots do dye, but they seem to show no effect, only the helm, torso and legs show colour changing from the dyes.

Each set takes on the dyes different, some have lots of trim that shows colour, some has only small effects and signs. Here are the different sets...

Drag and drop the item to be dyed onto the proper spot on the dye tub UI. Click "Dye Item". The item will now reappear into your inventory dyed the new colour.

Keep in mind, all sets were dyed with the same greenish dye batch

Rags -

Scout -

Padded -

Scale -

Splint -

Lamellar -

Tindremic -

When something is dyed, the icon for the item shows the color, and strength by how solid the icon has changed in color.

When you have the dyetub opened, it can stay opened and dye as much as you want. There is no limit to the number of items you can run through one batch of dye in a tub. When the dye tub UI closes though, all dye used is gone. &
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