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Death and the Etherworld

Written By: Starvault


Dieing in Mortal Online is unlike most MMORPG games. Everything your carrying will fall to the floor and can be looted by other players. You can revive yourself by finding a priest, follow the large red beams of light or press P and click teleport to nearest shrine. Death will impact your reserves and if you have a red flag and statloss, you may lose 10% of attributes depending on the type of priest you spawn at.


When you're dead, your health, stamina, and mana bars are removed and instead you will see a single bar. This bar represents your Kau. Kau is used both as your life and as a resources when casting spells. Spells in the etherworld will no longer consume mana, instead they will consume Kau. This resource regenerates rather quickly and there are spells that will increase your Kau regeneration rate.


Spirits are players and AI in the etherworld. They are seen as one or more bright spheres (Akh) and black energy (Kau) that connects the Akh to the etherworld. The spheres are what you will focus on when attacking. When a spirit no longer has any Kau all it's legs will be removed, at this point the spirit is ready to be Expelled.


You can attack anyone in the etherworld simply by aiming at their Akh (white sphere) and holding down the left mouse button. If you aim correctly a red beam of energy will grow out of your arm and connect to the opponent's Akh. Once you have connected you will start damaging the target's Kau. AI spirits will have more than one Akh to attack, and each Akh that circles the spirit will be able to attack you. The amount of Akh circling a spirit is decided by that spirit's level. If a spirit's Akh is attacking you any damage done to the attacking Akh will stop the attack so keep an eye on what the AI is doing and aim at the attacking Akh to avoid taking damage. If your Kau goes below 0 while from being attacked by a spirit you will be banished and instantly moved to the closest priest, after dropping all your spirit boxes to the ground.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit Boxes are new items which function slightly differently from any other item in the game. If you die or get banished while carrying a spirit box, the box itself will drop as a pickable item that can be picked up by anyone. A spirit box will drop in the realm you are currently in, so if you die in the world of the living anyone in that world will see it. But if you get banished in the etherworld only other spirits in the etherworld will be able to pick it up.

Spirit boxes come in various sizes and can be sold to vendors who will pay you a price based of how many spirits you have captured in the box. When you enter or leave the etherworld you will be able to bring everything in your spirit box or just part of what the box contains depending on how you change realm. If you decide to use a priest to enter/leave the ether then a fairly large amount of the content will be lost, but if you leave using a portal then a much larger amount can be brought through (the exact number depends on the portal caster's skill).

Capturing Spirits

You can capture AI spirits in a spirit box. To do this you need to: 1. Summon a spirit using the Transcendental Seance spell. 2. Target that spirit's Akh(s) while pressing mouse 1 and keep channeling until all of the Kau that connects it to the ether is gone. 3. Cast Expel spirit on yourself. 4. By targeting a Spirit while you have Expel Spirit active you will start to fill your spirit boxes.

Once the spirit is drained it will be removed. Higher level spirits will give you a lot more resources to fill your spirit box with.

Banishing Players

You can banish other players too. To do this you need to: 1. Target the player's Akh while pressing mouse 1 and keep channeling until all of the Kau that connects him/her to the ether is gone or you think you will have enough time to deal the final blow. 2. Cast Expel spirit on yourself. 3. If you damage a player while having the expel spirit buff active and that players Kau reach 0 he/she is banished.

A banished player will drop all his spirit boxes on the ground and will instantly be moved to the nearest priest and auto-resurrected. &
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