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Territory Control Guide

Written By: Starvault


Right-click these to start placing buildings.
All of these should are named “Something Blueprint” Most blueprints require skills to be placed.

Upgrades comes in two versions; Tier upgrades and Structure upgrades.
A Tier upgrade should be name just “Something Upgrade”. When right-clicked all buildings that can be upgrade will light up, follow the on-screen info to place it and upgrade the building one tier.
A structure upgrade will be name “Something To Something Upgrade”.
This upgrade will transform the structure into a new structure. A good example is Wood Wall To Stone Wall Upgrade that will upgrade you wood wall into a stone wall. Structures that are upgraded like this will keep their current tier.
Most upgrades require skills to be placed.

NPC Contracts
These items are named “Something Contract”. When Right-Clicked all the territory buildings will light up their NPC slots.
Move to the slot you want to place the NPC on and follow the on-screen instruction to place him.
Some NPC contracts can ONLY be placed on specific buildings, for example gatekeepers can only be placed on gate structures.

Basic Concepts:

Structures impact your city in a couple of different ways. They can open up slots that can be used to place NPCs. The higher the tier of the structure the more slots open up.
They can take some player interactions such as using a gate to open it.
Some of the structures come with workbenches that can be used by players. A couple of structures can be used with skills such as grinders etc.
They can come with NPCs that you can not get unless you build the structure, for example the farm comes with a farmer.
Structures can also impact the movement of NPCs placed on it. For example patrol spheres will force the NPCs placed on it to walk around randomly within the sphere.

Walls works like any other territory structure but act differently when placed.
Walls can ONLY be placed if they connect with another wall or a gate. So if you want to start a new wall you need to first place a gate and then build out from there.
Walls have tiers and slots just like all other structures.
There are a couple of different types of walls. The most common would be the long-wall. These have a bit more HP than a normal wall and are 3 times the length.
Long walls come with and without ramps. They even have a mirrored version where the ramp and the tower is on the opposite side from the normal version.

Basic Rules

You can only place territory structures in your guilds territory.
You can not place territory structures to close to cities.
You can only place territory structures if you guildstone-level is high enough and you have enough members.
Placed buildings can be upgraded with any upgrade even before they have been fully built.
You can even place NPCs on them even if they aren’t complete.
Any NPC placed on top of a structure is static. He/she can not move so make sure you don’t place melee-guards on your walls or you will have a bad time.
Building territory structures will remove wildlife around the structure.
NPCs will only spawn once the building is fully constructed.
Territory structures will only drop loot if they have been fully constructed.
Most territory structures have a structure upkeep. This cost can be seen in the economist house under “Structure Upkeep”.

How to build
When you first place a structure it will start with a very low amount HP. You need to bring materials (wood,stone,metal) to the building to start building/repairing it.
Once you have materials in your inventory press R while NOT in combat mode on the building and drag the materials to the big slot in the middle. Once all the bars are filled you can fully build the building. However you can build it up a bit even if you haven’t added all the materials yet.
To build simply equip a one handed weapon and go into combat mode then press R on the building. You will build up the building until it’s finished or the HP can’t go any higher because there’s not enough materials added to the building.
Several skills impact how quickly you can help with the building of a structure. Players that aim their skills at building territory structures are a lot more efficient but everyone can help a little bit.

How to repair
If someone messed up your building but didn’t completely destroy you can repair it. Repairing works just like building.

The skill deconstruction is used to deconstruct territory buildings.
You can ONLY deconstruct buildings that belong to your guild AND that haven’t been fully built yet. After the deconstruction completes you will get back blueprints/upgrades that can then be used to create the building again.
This is useful if you misplaced a building and want to move it but haven’t fully built it yet.

NPC Salary
NPCs will require a salary.
The salary is taken from the guild treasury so make sure it’s always stocked with gold.
Some NPCs will require prominence to stay others will require both prominence and gold.
If a NPC doesn’t get paid he will riot. During a riot the building the NPC is attached to will instantly lose 1.4% of it’s HP and the NPC will attack the first target it can see. Also they will say mean things about you.
Once the NPC is killed he will cooldown and respawn. But if he doesn’t get paid again he will go right back into riot mode the next time he wants to get paid.
Dismissing a NPC will cost one hour of salaries.

If a NPC dies it will cost one hour of salaries.

NPC Taxes
NPC vendors can take taxes, taxes will be added to the guild treasury.
To set the taxes you need to be at least rank 7 in your guild. Then simply talk to the vendor in question to change the taxes. Taxes can be set to -20% up to 200%. They will be added to everything but currency. When taxes are at -20% that means that 20% of the cost will be covered by the guilds treasury.

City Name
You can name your city.
Every city comes with a default random name.
Some NPCs in your city will even change their display name to reflect your city name (such as bankers).
To set your city name you need to be at least rank 9. Then simply go to your guildstone and click the button. Note that it might take up to 24h before everything has changed their name to your new name.

Starting Points
If you place a starting point new players will be able to use your city as their starting point instead of one of the pre-made cities.
Make sure you treat them right!

Guards are important!
They decide what type of city your city will be.
You can easily change if you city is a red/blue city simply by choosing to add law-abiding guards or not.
If you want you can even hire guards that attack everyone but your own guild to keep everyone else out of it. There are 4 types of guard behaviors:


1. Tindremic Guards (blue) Will follow the same rules as they do in town. Attacks anyone that is red or grey and scans for illegal items. Good if you want to invite players to your trade post and make them feel safe.

2. Guild Guards (blue) Works like Tindremic Guards but will never attack a player from the owning guild. Good if you want a more controlled city where your own guildmates are free to do what they want but at the cost of making the area a bit more risky for everyone else.

3. Soldier/Sentry (blue) These guards will not care about grey/red flagged players but will attack anyone if a high-ranked guild member in their own guild tells them to. Good alternative if you want to run a city with red/grey players in it but still want to some extra help to throw out troublemakers.

4. Mercenaries (red) These guards will kill anyone that is not in your guild on sight. A good choice if  you want to keep your guild town for yourself or you inner circle private.

All guards will ALWAYS attack guild enemies,siege weapons and people attacking their structures or other NPCs in the same guild.

Guild changes:

Guildstone levels
Guildstones have different levels. You can upgrade your guildstone buy buying a stone and Right Clicking it when inside your house/keep. To be able to upgrade the stone to the next level you will need to have a certain amount of members. “Lifting” a guildstone by transferring the house to another owner means that the guildstone will lose all upgrades and the guild will go into Level 0.
Note that this means that the guild no longer can pay for territory structure upkeep or salary meaning all of their structures will lose HP as riots break out.

1. White

  • Can be placed by anyone starts the guild.
  • Cap 25 members
  • Can NOT be in wars.

2. Green

  • Needs 10+ members to place
  • Can get prominence
  • Cap 55 members
  • Can build Territory Structures (TS)
  • Can pay territory NPCs salary and upkeep
  • Spawns a House Tax Manager in the house (not in keeps), also used to pay upkeep costs

3. Blue

  • Needs 50+ members to place
  • Can get prominence
  • Cap 125 members
  • Can build TS  + AOE of house
  • Can pay territory NPCs salary and upkeep
  • Spawns a House Tax Manager in the house (not in keeps), also used to pay upkeep costs

4. Purple

  • Needs 120+ members to place
  • Can get prominence
  • Cap 150 members
  • Can build TS  + AOE of house + AOE of house
  • Can pay territory NPCs salary and upkeep
  • Spawns a House Tax Manager in the house (not in keeps), also used to pay upkeep costs

5. Orange

  • Needs 140+ members to place
  • Can get prominence
  • Cap 200 members
  • Can build TS  + AOE of house  + AOE of house + AOE of house
  • Can pay territory NPCs salary and upkeep
  • Spawns a House Tax Manager in the house (not in keeps), also used to pay upkeep costs

6. Gold

  • Needs 200+ members to place
  • Can get prominence
  • Cap 250 members
  • Can build TS  + AOE of house  + AOE of house  + AOE of house + AOE of house
  • Can pay territory NPCs salary and upkeep
  • Spawns a House Tax Manager in the house (not in keeps), also used to pay upkeep costs



Q: Can I build around my guildstone even if it’s placed in a territory owned by a keep?
A: Yes you can. Both you and the owners of the territory are allowed to build there.

Q: Can I lift my guildstone and move it to a house that is close and continue building territory structures from there?
A: Yes you can but remember that when you lift the guildstone and place it again it will be level 1. So you will need to quickly upgrade it since having a level 1 guildstone makes it impossible to pay upkeep for the structures you have previously built.

Q: Couldn’t I just keep killing a enemy guilds NPC and that way make them lose money since the NPC will cost on hour of salary when it dies?
A: You absolutely can, this is why it’s so important to protect your NPCs with guards. &
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