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Character Guide

Written By: Crowax

Now that you know the basics of MO to start out, it's time to dive into the game itself. First thing you'll be presented when getting into the game will be the character creation screen. You have some options here that may affect the way you'll play and it'll determine your strengths and weaknesses. If you're "min/maxer" it's wise to plan your character out beforehand, what "class" you want to be, because your race and base stats (like age and height) once chosen cannot be changed in game at a later time (this might not be completely true for height, since there is some food in game to change that). Race and base stats will also determine your maximum attribute cap, so if for example you want to be a mage later on, don't go make a strong dumb character. Attributes itself can be changed at any point in game (you need to train them tho) so the only thing that really matters are the caps.

There are four base races (called Caldes) in MO, and when you are making a character you choose your ancestors from sub-groups of those Clades. Choosing your four grandparents will give you a mix of their attributes, so you can fine tune your character to what you need. That way you have a choice to make a well rounded char or to make a specialist with a specific role in mind. I highly suggest, if this is your first time playing MO, that you choose what race you like and don't care about stats too much, because when you'll learn the game and will see what you want to be (maybe you love archers in other games, but in MO you'll realize you prefer a mage for example) and then make a new character. Your first play should be about learning the game, and those couple of hours you throw away will only help you to be better and make a better character the second time.

I'll give a short description of each race, for more details about their lore you can read on Mortal Online official page.

Versatile race that's the most widespread in MO world. They are more well rounded, but rarely useful for highly specialized roles.
Tindermene - Probably the most well rounded stats. No big weaknesses, but doesn't shine anywhere also. They can have quite high intelligence and are quite tall.
Khurite - They make excellent fighters, having decent strength, high dexterity and constitution. They are not the tallest of races and lack intelligence.
Sidoian - Good strength, constitution and intelligence, but lacks in dexterity and psyche. They make decent crafters, since those three stats are important for them.
Kallard - Another fighter oriented race with high strength and excellent constitution, but they lack dexterity, making them slower as other humans.
Sarducaan - Good constitution, psyche and intelligence, making them useful as mages or tamers.

Those are the closest to what elves are in other RPGs. They have similar strengths, being dexterous and smart, but lacking physical strength. They make good thieves, dex fighters and mages.
Veela - Stronger and more dexterous group of Alvarin, making them better in fighter role.

Sheevra - They have a bit lower strength and dexterity as Veela, but make it up with psyche and intelligence, making them better as mages.

They are a race with very high strength, constitution and intelligence. This combination makes them very good at crafting professions.
Blainn - Highest constitution and decent dexterity, but they have a bit lower strength and intelligence.
Huergar - Highest strength of all races, making them the only ones to use the best bows in the game. High intelligence makes them excellent crafters and also decent mages.

Halfbreeds are a mixed breed of Risar and humans. Thursar half gives them high strength and constitution, but lower dexterity, psyche and intelligence. With mixing in humans you can compensate for those weaknesses and make very good characters. Thursar half also gives them a lot of height, that helps with dealing even more physical damage, making them excellent fighters.

Since MO has a skill based system, there are no classes to choose from. Every character can be whatever "class" it wants to be, the difference is only how good it'll be at it's role. I'll go a bit more into detail for specific builds later in this guide. For now just choose whatever race you like, and play around with age and ancestry to get a feel of how attributes work. If you know already what you want to be or have a bit more experience with MO, you can look at "Classes" section at the end of this guide, where I'll give some example build with races and attributes to start out for specific roles.

Character Stats
After creating your character you'll find yourself in starting area of whatever city you chose to started in. First you need to familiarize yourself with user interface and the information about your character.

Flag- your current flag (described in flag system)
Health - your current and maximum health. Grey part is what you can regenerate with resting, black parts you need to refill with sleeping. Red bar.
Stamina - your current and maximum stamina. Grey part is what you can regenerate with resting, black parts you need to refill with sleeping. Yellow bar.
Mana - Your current and maximum mana. Blue bar.
Reserves - thin lines above Health/Stamina/Mana are your reserves. When you ran out, you can’t regenerate your hp/stam/mana to full anymore and need to sleep.

Flag- Your targets flag
Health- your target's current health

In your character window (default P) you can see many stats about you. More important ones are:

Hunger- tells you how hungry you are, ranging from not hungry at all (0) to very hungry (1800). Once you are above 700 hunger you can't sleep anymore. Eating the right food while you have full reserves will also help you gain weight.

Thirst- don't worry about this one, it's only for potion, you'll most of the time be at 10/10, which is good

Armor weight - how heavy armor you can wear before armor starts to slow you down. Any armor weight above 4 will start to decrease your mana regeneration even if you can support it. If you're over your weight you can't ride mounts anymore. You need to learn "Armor training" to wear heavier armors. When ordering an armor from armorcrafter tell him how heavy armor you want to have. The benefits of heavier armor is usually more protection.

Health/Stamina/Mana reserves - the first number is your current reserve, the second number is your maximum reserve and the thin lines in your stats window number is the deficit value, where you start losing your maximum health/stamina cap. You can regain reserves by sleeping if you're in deficit, after that you can only increase your reserves by eating. Different type of foods are better for health and some are better for stamina, so you need to think about what you eat sometimes too. You start losing reserves, when you're regenerating your health/stamina. You start losing your weight when you're in deficit and you gain weight by eating food that would increase your health/stamina reserves when you're at maximum.

Next thing you need to familiarize yourself with are active skills, that you can use to perform various actions. Since the last patch, many actions can be done by simply pressing (default) R on some object and it will activate appropriate skill (like Gathering on pickables, Mining on rocks, etc...), but in case it doesn't work, or you're need skills that can't be activated as simply, you need to at least know how to activate them. To access your skills you press (default) L. This opens up your skill window, where you can see how much your skills are trained, how close to your skill cap you are and what conditions you must meet to learn certain skills, parent prerequisites, if the skill can be learned by using or you need a book to learn it. In that window you can also see all skills you have available to use. To use a skill you drag it out to your hotbar and use it from there.
At start you should have skill Gathering that you use to pick up various items like flowers, mushrooms, water, etc... You should also have skills Rest and Sleep, which you use
to regenerate your health and stamina.

Depending on your weight loss/gain you can get attribute modification with different states, and gaining weight will give you some extra health points. You start out “Fit” and depending on your weight loss or gain you can get those states:

Skeletal – -30STR +5DEX -30CON -5PSY +10INT
Skinny – -20STR +10DEX -15CON +5INT
Underweight - -10STR +5DEX -5CON +5PSY
Lean – +5DEX -5STR
Fit –No Change
Stout – +5STR -5DEX
Overweight – -10DEX
Fat – -5STR -15DEX -5CON +5PSY +5INT
Bulging – -15STR -20DEX -15CON +10PSY +10INT
Obese – -30STR -40DEX -30CON +20PSY +20INT &
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