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Foot Mage Guide

Written By: Diphrael

Foot Mage

The foot mage is a strong support class. They are very mobile, and can kite. Their main strengths lie within group fighting- where they heal allies, and suppress enemies by denying enemy healing. They are also capable of killing low opponents with burst damage from their spells.

Skillcap: High
Main races: Sheevra, Veela
Main stats: Dexterity, Constitution, Psyche, Intelligence
Weapons: None!
Armor: Light armor, between 3 and 6 weight.
Advantages: Best recovery from low health because of healing spells. Surgical magic damage that ignores armor. High magic resistance due to psyche.
Disadvantages: Vulnerable to both melee and ranged attacks. Limited mana pool means you do not have sufficient mana to kill. Cannot PvE without
Special builds: Some mages can be thieves as well. I've stolen many bandages and even enemy weapons in combat before!
Excels at: Healing in PvE or PvP. Best support class.

PvP video: Youtube Link



This guide is to assist novice or intermediate level mages in maximizing their potential.

Magic is a unique playstyle, which rewards smart gameplay greatly- but also has many downfalls. The best of mages can turn the tide of a battle in seconds, but poor mages are the weakest link of your group.

Advantages of a mage:

  • Cheap to gear
  • Ranged damage dealer / healer
  • Can switch between offence and defence quickly
  • Relatively low skill point cost
  • Magic ignores armor


Disadvantages of a mage:

  • Very vulnerable to melee fighters, mounted combat, archers, and monsters
  • Incapable of effectively 1v1ing
  • Mana regeneration is greatly cut by armor weight
  • PvE is extremely difficult without a pet
  • Commonly seen as an "easy-mode" playstyle (FALSE)


Section I: Character Build

There are 2 primary character builds amongst PvP mages. The first is the "Dexterity Mage", and the second the "Slag Mage". A dex mage specializes in foot PvP, and survivability while sacrificing mana pool and burst damage/healing. The slag mage specializes more into mounted magic, or in some cases fighting on foot on elevated terrain. Please know that for PvP Dexterity Mages are far more common and practical.

For dex mages, you will need to roll a Veela, Sheevra, or pure Khurite.
For slag mages you will need to roll a Huergar, Blainn, or for hipsters- Sheevra.

Attributes for mages are fairly straight forward:


  • Strength - Gives only stamina. Absolute worst stat for a mage.
  • Dexterity - Givers speed and stamina regen. Very important for dex mages, poor for slag mages.
  • Intelligence - Adds to spell power, mana, and mana regeneration. Only needs to be 60 for dex mages, and maxed out for slag mages.
  • Psyche - Adds magic resist chance, mana, and mana regeneration. Dex mages only need 60 in intelligence, so the remaining points should be dumped into this for magic defence.
  • Constitution - Adds to hitpoints, stamina, and movement speed. Critical for all combat characters.


Example of character attributes for the 2 main types of mages:




(Thanks to The Shogun for the Slag Mage stats)


Some notes about attributes:


  • For PvP viability, stout is almost a requirement for dex mages. Any lighter weight class and you will be far too squishy because of the HP penalty. Anything higher makes you too slow and doesn't add any benefit.
  • For overall viability, obese is a requirement for slag mages. Anything lighter and you will be sacrificing the Int / Psyche bonus from Obese, while still being very slow.
  • Intelligence on a dex mage does not need to be higher than 60. You will still do approximately the same damage and healing with 60 as you would 100. The benefits of high intelligence only start showing at ~115.


Primary skills are distributed like so:




I highly encourage all players to play around with their builds. Mage builds are rather flexible. One example of how to alter the generic dex mage build shown is to drop Survival and Endurance for Snooping and Pilfering.

AS OF PATCH You no longer gain extra speed from sprinting in combat mode. It may still benefit a mage to have combat maneuvering so that you regain stamina when stammed out, but you aren't required to anymore.

Section II: Spells

Currently there are only 2 Magic Schools within the game- Ecumenical (All-purpose), and Spiritism (Ressurection). Ressurection has very limited PvP purposes, but has been used.

There are 3 categories of spells: Damage, healing, and utility. Every spell has a purpose, but some are used more than others.

Damage Spells:


Ecumenical Required: 30
Reagents Required: 1 Ichor
Mana cost: 9
PvP use: High

Medium ranged Damage-Over-Time spell. Denies all healing on the target until the duration expires, or until it is purified. The only ways to remove it is to wait until it expires, use the purify spell, or use a purify potion.


Ecumenical Required: 100
Reagents required: 1 Pyrite, 1 Rock Oil
Mana cost: 60
PvP use: Low (except in large scale conflicts)

Short ranged Area-of-Effect spell. On a dex mage it does not do very much damage, but on a slag mage it can easily hit for 80 damage or higher to all targets within range. Be careful when using it, the cast time is 4 seconds long and you're really vulnerable to attacks!

IMPORTANT: 2 or 3 people with the Magic Reflection spell will counter this and kill you in the process. You can also decimate your own group in the process. Ensure good positioning before use.


Ecumenical Required: 30
Reagents required: 1 Nitre, 1 Sulfur
Mana cost: 13
PvP use: Low

Long ranged single target spell. Has double the range of most other spells, but does not do much damage. Useful for chasing down targets who are out of range of other spells.


Ecumenical Required: 80
Reagents required: 1 Coal, 1 Nitre
Mana cost: 45
PvP use: Low

A short ranged single target spell. It has very high mana cost, so it is not utilized by most dex mages. Has a unique visual effect where the target is immolated, indicating to other players that the player has received a lot of damage.


Ecumenical Required: 60
Reagents required: 1 Ichor, 1 Nitre
Mana cost: 30
PvP use: Low

A medium ranged single target spell. It is sub-par to Thunderlash in almost every way shape and form. After being cast on an enemy it takes about 2 seconds to actually detonate. The only true advantage of this spell is that you can buy both the reagents from the vendor, unlike the other hard hitting damage spells. Has a really cool visual effect though.


Ecumenical Required: 40
Reagents required: Cuprum
Mana cost: 20
PvP use: Medium

A medium ranged single target spell. Damage to mana cost almost scales to thunderlash, so thunderlash is usually the better choice because of a higher burst potential. Makes an awesome noise when it hits.


Ecumenical Required: 1
Reagents required: 1 Ichor, 1 Sulfur
Mana cost: 30
PvP use: Medium

A medium ranged single target spell. Casts faster than thunderlash, so it is capable of great burst damage with slightly lower damage. Useful against everyone except for Hybrid (Melee / Mage) characters.

This is a very unique spell in the fact that it does not utilize the "Mental Offence" skill to do damage. Instead, it does damage based on the difference between the Strength and Intelligence of the target, maxing out at 40 damage. For example, a target has 60 strength and 20 intelligence, it will do 40 damage. If the target has 50 intelligence and 40 strength, it will do 10 damage.

I also believe it is not possible to resist this spell, meaning it is very effective against high psyche targets.


Ecumenical Required: 10
Reagents required: 1 Water
Mana cost: 4
PvP use: Medium

A long ranged single target spell. Useful for finishing off very low targets, and also for breaking enemy magic reflections. It does very low damage, but has a fast cast time.


Ecumenical Required: 60
Reagents required: 1 Cuprum, 1 Rock Oil
Mana cost: 30
PvP use: High

A medium ranged single target spell. This is the most common damage spell seen in PvP because of it's high damage (42-52) and medium cast time. Excellent for finishing targets.

Healing Spells:

[IMG]Greater Healing

Ecumenical Required: 40
Reagents required: 1 Calamine, 1 Cuprum, 1 Water
Mana cost: 15
PvP use: High

A medium ranged single target spell. This is used to give friendly players a large burst of healing. I recommend that you use this whenever your friends desperately need healing. Ensure that they are not under the corrupt spell before you cast, or this will be wasted time and mana.

[IMG]Lesser Healing

Ecumenical Required: 10
Reagents required: 1 Calamine, 1 Water
Mana cost: 4
PvP use: High

A medium ranged single target spell. Heals for approximately half of what greater heal does, but at a much lower mana cost. This spell is very mana efficient and should be used often. As with all healing, ensure your target is not under the effects of the corrupt spell.

Utility Spells:

[IMG]Magic Reflection

Ecumenical Required: 50
Reagents required: 1 Calamine, 1 Rock Oil, 1 Water
Mana cost: 25
PvP use: Medium

Currently self cast only. Reflects the next spell cast on the player (including self-targeted spells such as heal). Expires after 5 minutes. It is useful to cast on yourself before a battle, or if you know you will be taking a lot of magic damage mid fight. Does NOT reflect reflected spells.


Ecumenical Required: 20
Reagents required: 1 Calamine
Mana cost: 6
PvP use: High

Medium ranged spell used to remove the "Corrupt" spell. It has a very fast cast time, and costs less mana than the corrupt does so it is also very mana efficient. Very useful for breaking enemy magic reflects.


Spiritism Required: 83
Reagents required: 1 Calamine, 1 Cuprum, 1 Jadeite, 1 Water
Mana cost: 110
PvP use: Low

Short ranged single target. Used to ressurect players AFTER you cast Transcendental Awareness. Only requires 83 in the Spiritism skill to cast 100% of the time. Unlike Ecumenical spells, this consumes the reagents when the spell is charged, not after it is cast.

[IMG]Transcendental Awareness

Spiritism Required: 83
Reagents required: 1 Calamine, 1 Jadeite, 1 Water
Mana cost: 35
PvP use: Low

Self-cast utility spell. Allows you to see ghosts. This spell might have some sort of PvE application, but that has not been discovered. Like Resurrect, it consumes reagents on charge and only requires 83 spiritism.

With all of the spells listed, I would like to show you the hotbar on my typical dex mage to give you an idea of how I use my spells. Sometimes I switch out my "1" key with Mindblast in case I encounter fat mages.




1. Snooping/Pilfering to steal enemy reagents and bandages.
2. Spurt to finish off low enemies and break their magic reflects.
3. Bandages so that I can heal on the move.
4. Corrupt so that I can deny the enemy healing and put some damage on them.
5. Greater healing so that I can burst heal when necessary.
6. Magic reflect in case I expect incoming magic damage.
Q. Purify is on Q so that I can quickly purify teammates when they get corrupted.
E. Lesser heal is on E so that I can spam it on my teammates.
MM. Thunderlash is on the middle mouse button because it is my main damage spell.
0. Resting is only 0 in case I need to hide and rest up a bit.

Section III: Equipment

Mages rely on armor for survivability, but may also be hindered by their armor because of mana regeneration penalties. It is completely possible to do magery without wearing anything, but I recommend you at least wear a 3 weight armor set. Over the course of my time playing as a mage, a 4 weight set has shown to be the best for mana regeration while giving the most protection. 5 weight armor sets are useful if you are focused a lot, but you will notice the mana regeneration penalty. Anything over 5 weight hinders your mana regeneration too badly for any sustained fight.

The armor materials that mages should seek out are Keeled Scales (Poorest but lightest), Horned Scales (Mid-Grade), and Platescales (Best, but heaviest). For backing on your armor, you typically want Silk (Lightest) or Ironsilk (Strongest) because of their low weights.

Shown in this photo is the armor set that I typically wear:




The armor set is Kallardian Padded with a Tindremic Plate Helmet. I don't wear boots because that adds a lot of weight.

When made out of Horned Scales and Ironsilk, it costs 242 Horned Scales and 55 Ironsilk. It weight 5.22kg. At a market price of 3.5g per 1k of Horned scales and 50g per 1k of Ironsilk, it costs 3.59 per set.

When made out of Horned Scales and Silk, it costs 242 Horned Scales and 28 Silk. It weighs 4.97kg. At market price of 3.5g per 1k of Horned Scales and 15g per 1k of Sik, it costs 1.3g per set.

The absolute best armor you can wear without significant mana regeneration penalties is the Lictor armor sets, which are obtained by killing Tindremic and Khurite lictors in the capital cities.

Here is a picture of the Tindremic Lictor set with the wings from the Khurite set:




This armor set costs upwards of 100g a set. WARNING: Because this set is obtained from an NPC, the durability is set at 62! That is very low and these break relatively fast! &
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