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Hybrid Guide

Written By: Diphrael & Lonewolf


Hybrids are essentially a warrior who has all of the magic skills, while sacrificing the use of heavier armor. They double as healers, and can finish enemies with magic spells. This is the hardest class to master, but one of the most rewarding. You must be a master fighter, as well as a master mage to pull it off.

Skillcap: Very High
Main races: Veela, Tindremene
Main stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence
Weapons: Depends on the strength. Most hybrids use 2h swords, or flanged pole maces.
Armor: Varies. Between 6 and 9 weight for light hybrids, and up to 24 for heavy.
Advantages: Can recover from damage quickly. Has the ability to switch between melee, magic damage, and healing very quickly.
Disadvantages: Extremely difficult to master. Vulnerable to melee and ranged damage unless you use heavy armor.
Special builds: With heavy armor on, and reduced mana regeneration, you will be what is called a "Paladin". This build allows you to be a functional foot warrior with the advantage of healing spells, and some offensive spells.
Excels at: Being the jack of all trades. Best survival class.

PvP video: Youtube Link

Hello my name is Lonewolf, I’ve been playing this game for almost 3 years now, and been playing a hybrid as my only PvP character for nearly 9 months. I’ve noticed that many people are still confused, or have no idea how hybrid pvp works, or even how to make one. So I thought id write up a guide, and help people to understand how this amazing class works.

Table of contents

Part 1 Creation, and equipment
1.0 General background and the dawn of hybrids.
2.0 The builds
3.0 The universal skill template
4.0 The equipment
5.0 Greatswords vs Poleswords.
6.0 Stating up

1.0 General background and the dawn of hybrids.

The hybrid class as we know them today were perfected by BRB, and popularized in their video “Mortal Online [BRB] 3-man raid on GK”. Before hybrids were popular there were only a handful of them on the server, and none really stood out enough for big pvp guilds to largely incorporate them. Pvp was mainly fought in groups consisting of 90% warriors, and 10% mages. I call this group composition “Dark age fighting” because the composition is largely dead and completely absent in small scale pvp.

Pre-Dawn hybrids

When hybrids were first discovered as a class that could dish out almost as much damage as a warrior, and have more survivability then a mage, there was a mass reroll of characters. Pre-Dawn hybrids and warriors had little to separate themselves, as there was only a slight difference in armor, and mana regeneration was not affected by armor. Hybrids in these times were considered over-powered, and make no mistake they absolutely were. A class that could do almost all the damage of a warrior and have no mana penalties created undying characters and one man armies.

Dawn hybrids

With the release of armor training and mana regeneration penalties, hybrids were turned into a much less overpowered class. No longer able to dish out, or take as much damage as a warrior it became nearly impossible for a hybrid to take a warrior head on. However this opened up tons of different builds, and tweaks to that a hybrid can use to make a character. Hybrids also never lost their legendary survivability it just became more difficult to be effective in a group, making hybrids largely considered a vet class.

2.0 The builds

When it comes to playing a hybrid its important to know what you want to play. There are two main builds for the race you choose, depending on what you want to use as your choice of weapons is how you stat up your character.

The health build


Max stats

110 Str
104 Dex
116 con
76 Int
194 cm

It is recommended that you are stout with this build

Steel sword user (can use anything lighter)
64 Str
99 Dex
121 con
54 int

Cronite sword user (only cronite)
61 Str
99 Dex
121 con
57 int

Tung steel sword user (can use anything lighter)
67 Str
99 Dex
121 con
51 int

Warning: the Tungsteel build is only to START using TU swords; to use it to their full effectiveness you need a Str of 82 which is a very ineffective hybrid build.

The health build is a good start for new players, and players rerolling from warriors. Ex-warriors will find comfort in the relatively same health, and new players will enjoy the extra hits they can take. With the mana builds above, you will be able to effectively cast 4-5 greater heals, or 2 thunderlashes. The extra health is nice, but don’t think you will be 1v1ing warriors all day, because you will still be getting hit for nearly twice what they do.

The speed build


Max stats

82 str
120 dex
100 con
92 int
181 cm

Steel sword user (can use anything lighter)
67 Str
115 Dex
105 con
58 int

Cronite sword user (can use cronite)
61 Str
115 Dex
105 con
64 int

Tung Steel sword user (can use anything lighter)
70 Str
115 Dex
105 con
55 int

Notice: More strength was put into Steel and Tungsteel because the lack of Con on the speed build.

The speed build is much more difficult to use effectively. The lack of health is very noticeable, and leads many people to their deaths if they do not know their character’s weakness. However once you learn your health a veela hybrid is easily more powerful. What the veela hybrid lacks in damage he makes up for in speed, and extra mana. Full stam veela hybrids can easily stickyback and kill targets, then run away if they have to.

3.0 The universal skill template.

This build is generally considered a very effective hybrid build, but there are ways to tweak it, and change it as you see fit.

Melee Combat
100 Swords
Combat Techniques
100 aggressive stance
100 defensive stance
Combat maneuvering 100
65 armor techniques
100 momentum
100 combat movement
100 feint
Athletics 100
All skills 100
Armor training 75
Magic schools
Ecumenical spells 60
Mental training 100
Mental offense 100
Concentration 100
Mental focus 100
Mana regeneration 100
Anatomy 100
100 damage assessment

Parent skills are bolded

Any left over points can go into survival skills such as swimming or endurance both are not required, but can be useful.

4.0 The equipment

When playing a hybrid you are not playing a “paladin” you are playing a light armor fighter. A useful hybrid that is seen in pvp does not use anything above a 9 weight set. I won’t go into specific material details used in the armor; this part of the guide assumes you have crafters that can make you a set if asked (I.E guild crafters). If you have questions on useful materials for these armor types, send me a pm.

6 weight sets

My personal favorite hybrid set, is the 6 weight set. It is the lightest set possible for a hybrid that offers the best mana regeneration, but the least protection. This armor is perfect if you plan to be on the move, and know you will need the extra mana and stamina. These sets usually do not have boots included so expect damage in the 40s to the lower body. Remember to always be on your toes if you are fighting warriors (pole arms especially) and to never underestimate the damage they can cause.

7 weight sets

Usually 6 weight sets with boots included, 7 weight sets offer better protection to the lower body. There is a slightly noticeable difference to mana regen then the 6 weight set, but none with stamina. 7 weight sets are usually over looked due to the fact that the mana regen loss is not worth the few points in damage mitigation they receive.

8 weight sets

Without a doubt the most commonly used hybrid set on the server. 8 weight sets offer all around better mitigation then a 6 weight set, but at the cost of a noticeable loss in mana regen. If you are looking to take more hits, and plan to be less supportive to your group with heals then I would easily go with this armor set.

Other sets made are considered niche, or not common. Stay away from anything that goes over 10 max weight with your sword equipped.

5.0 Great Swords vs Poleswords

Poleswords on hybrids are uncommon enough to be called a niche group. The reason why poleswords are so under used is because of the high str requirement it takes to swing one. To use a steel polesword you need a strength level in the 80’s, and tungsteel even higher. If you were to want to use steel poleswords you would have to compensate by having little mana. What many people do is a 70 strength, 55 int build and only use cronite poles, which obviously for newer players is not an option. Because of this reason I have always considered poleswords a warrior weapon, and swords a hybrid weapon.

6.0 Stating up

The best way i have found to stat up a hybrid is by having damage assessment, and punching a house. When you punch the house your Int, and Str will rise quickly. When your Str, and int are stated up, take an armor set to the nearest pig spawn, and get the pigs to attack you. This will raise dex, and con then as soon as you know it, you're done! &
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