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Mounted Combat Guide

Written By: Diphrael & Manamunex

Mounted Combatman

The MC is a cavalry player which specializes in using weapons to hit things. Having an MC ride alongside a foot group is useful, as it allows for you to constantly pressure an enemy group, even when they are fleeing.

Skillcap: Medium
Main races: Kallard, Thursar mixes, Huergar, Blainn
Main stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
Weapons: Heavy weapons. Most people use axes.
Armor: Heavy armor
Advantages: Capable of running easily from combat if in danger. Can dismount enemy mounteds. High damage and burst potential.
Disadvantages: Must be in melee. If dismounted forcefully you are basically stunned for a few seconds.
Special builds: Many mounted combatmen have the same skills as a foot fighter, and if built the same way as a footfighter they may double as one. Another MC build is known as the Wheelchair, where you sacrifice all dex for max height and strength on a Kallard or Huergar to do the most damage possible while mounted.
Excels at: Hunting down footmen, and dismounting enemy mounts.

PvP video: Youtube Link

To me a basic build for mounted combat is -

30 yr-old stout Thursar/Kallard with max melee bonus (which comes from str and height)

And the primary skills u need are -

Mounted combat
Mounted charge
Aggresive stances (by normal fighting I assume that u mean foot fights)
Defensive stances
Combat manouvering
Armor trainning
Heavy armor trainning
Balance &
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