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Tamer / Dominator Guide

Written By: Diphrael

Tamer / Dominator

Tamers and dominators

Skillcap: Low
Main races: Sheevra, Veela
Main stats: Dexterity, Constitution, Psyche
Weapons: Depends on the build, usually tamers will be a mage as well. Dominators are required to be mages.
Armor: Light armor.
Advantages: You point your crosshair at someone and tell your pet to attack them. It is really easy. For PvE you simply set your pet on a monster and heal the pet while it tanks and kills the target.
Disadvantages: They require a lot of skill points, and generally are not good at escaping. Mounted Archers demolish their pets as well.
Special builds: Dominator Mages are capable of using Demon Bats, which are a FLYING ranged artillery
Excels at: Doing PvE with your pet. A high level bear, minotaur, or spider is a very strong tank.


Size 79
STR 10
DEX 52
CON 100
PSY 100
INT 100

hp 150
stama 131
mana 200
carry weight 32
equip weight 4

Skills: 448/1100
Athletics 95+5
Riding 93+7

Taming 90+10
Creature Control 90+10
Advance Creature Control 90+10
Hearding 90+10
Mammalia 90+10 (horse, donkey)


creature control-100
Advanced creature control-100
Lore you want-100
Mental Training-100
Mental Offense-100
Mental Fouus-100
Magic schools-100
Ecumenical spells-100
Combat manouvering-78
armor training-35
Athletics-100 &
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