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Pets in MO

Written By: Crowax

Owning a pet is not only limited to tamers. Anyone can have pets, if you have enough pet points to control it. You can transfer pets to other players or buy/sell them via receipt from players or broker. You gain more pet points by training skill Creature Control (and Advanced Creature Control), while also lowering pet point requirements by learning zoology lore skill for pet you want to control (for example Zoology Equidae skill for horses).

For pet to remain under your control you need to feed it and keep it happy. You need as low hunger level and as high loyalty level as possible. Pet will gain loyalty if hunger is under 400 and will lose it if hungry or every time you give it a command (loses 10 loyalty for each command). If pet becomes too unhappy it will leave you so take good care of it. When pet is above 700 loyalty it will also gain 1 level every 30 minutes (skill Animal Care makes this faster) if it’s level is marked as “+” in pet window. To access this (and other pet specific options) press (default) K to open pet window. You can see your pet points here and the list of your pets. You can click a pet you want to inspect closer that will open it’s stats window. From there you can see it’s basic attributes (if you hover over str you can see how much it can carry) and if you scroll down left stats you can find it’s level lock.

At the bottom there are couple of buttons for things like commands, pet equipment, renaming a pet, transferring it and abandoning it.

At the very bottom you will also see a bar that says “drag food here to feed”. To feed your pet you need to drag food from your inventory to this bar. The pet will then eat the amount it needs to get fed and will tell you if it like the food or not.

If you control more than one pet, your maximum pet points will get reduced by 20 for each pet above the first one. You can lower that penalty by training Herding. If you are over your maximum pet points your pet will start to lose loyalty.

If you logout, your pet will not logout with you but it will stay in game, which means it will eventually get hungry, start losing loyalty and leave you. To prevent this from happening either stable your pet when you stop playing or if it’s ridable mount it and logout while on it. &
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