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Combat Guide

Written By: Crowax

It is worth mentioning again, that to be successful in MO you need to practice parrying and get good at it. No amount of skill and armor will save you if you can’t parry and hit your enemies.

There is one more maneuver you can learn and master it in various situations and it’s called Dodge. To dodge double tap any directional key and you’ll dash into that direction. Dodging uses up some stamina, but you can evade swings that way if timed correctly.

Weapons deal three different types of damage, piercing, slashing and blunt and armors have the same three protections. Balancing those out can be important depending what you’re fighting, but that comes from experience. Weapons also have different weak spot chance, which means they have a certain amount of chance to ignore armor. Heavier weapons generally do more damage, but cost more stamina to swing. Position yourself carefully when fighting, if you are too far you will miss, if you are too close you can hit your target with weapons handle instead of it’s head, dealing low damage.

What weapon you should use depends on your preference and playstyle, so find the one that suits you best. In a nutshell daggers are fast, high weak spot, but are weaker and have short range. Swords are nicely balanced in damage, stamina consumption, speed and weak spots. Axes and maces deal higher damage but use more stamina. Spears are good for piercing damage, poleaxes that have good range, etc.

For new players I would suggest to stay away from bows and magic, and go foot fighter route. You’ll get most practice out of that and will be the cheapest to play. For bows you’ll need to buy arrows and for magic you need reagents. If you do go for bows, try to aim with arrow tip and not crosshair.

There is also mounted combat, but I’ll leave it out of this guide, since it’s a bit more advanced topic. I will list some builds under “Classes” in case you are aiming for that kind of playstyle. But even if you do want to be a mounted warrior, you should learn to fight on foot, because you can get dismounted.

During combat you will get damaged and to heal yourself there are couple of ways. You can use bandages, but you must not be in combat (weapon sheathed) so use this when you have some distance between you and your enemy. You can also use healing spells and healing potions during combat (which like all items are player made and quite uncommon). When out of combat you can regain health by resting. &
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