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Making Money

Written By: Crowax

There is many ways to make a living in MO. Game gives you complete freedom on what you can do and the way you do it. I will give you some ideas and common ways of making a living in the game, but you are encouraged to find your way and play the way you will enjoy MO the most.

By adventurer I mean a fighter of any sort, that makes his living by going into the wild and hunt animals and explore dangerous places in search of riches. For this you can be a foot fighter, mounter warrior, archer, mage, even tamer or dominator. Whatever skills you have that will help you survive and kill monsters in the wild. Most of your income will come from gathering monster carcasses and selling them to butchers, that will then extract materials from them to further sell to crafters (or vendor with profit). It’s possible to be a butcher as well as fighter, but you’ll sacrifice some combat skills for it. If you’re only into PvE it shouldn't be much of a problem. You gain the ability to butcher your own carcasses and make even more profit by selling materials than just selling raw carcasses.

For adventuring you’ll most likely need good gear, weapons and armor. You’ll also need a mount that will be able to carry as much items you gather back to towns and will make your travels faster. A horse is a good choice, but if you train some Creature Control you can even get a Molva, that will help you transport even more items and reduce your need to visit towns.

The life of a gatherer is tough. You travel around searching various materials and haul them back to town, selling them to crafters. You can do many work in safety of town at the beginning, but for many sought out materials you’ll need to travel into the wilderness. Using most skills for your profession won’t leave you much skills (if any) to protect yourselves, so having a Molva will double the benefit of out as your mount that will carry you and what you find and to protect you in dire times. Learning the spots and the safest way there and back to town will be your main goal.
A butcher usually works within the safety of towns, buying carcasses and butchering them for materials, that he can sell for profit to crafters or even to vendor for some quick cash. It’s paired well with high cooking skill to further its profit by cooking what he butchered. Being a butcher is all about lore skill books, having plenty of them and having them at high level is important to gain as much from each carcass as possible. It’s a relative safe profession with a relatively good profit, and is a fine alt character for any adventurer.

Being a crafter is probably self-explanatory. You turn materials into armors and weapons (or potions, houses, etc.. but I’ll focus on the most common crafting professions). To be a crafter you’ll need to be a gatherer by yourself or buy materials from them. As a crafter you’ll only have enough skill points to specialize in one type of crafting, or in case of weapon crafting even in one type of weapon. The more specialized you’ll be, the better materials you’ll be able to use to make rarer items. So you’ll need to find a balance between being more specialized or being more self sufficient. The main focus will also be on lore books, because for crafting not only you need high crafting skill, you also need high lore skill for materials you work with. It’ll take some time to train it up, and your items will be of lower quality at start, but eventually you’ll start making better items as your skills will grow and will be able to make more profit by selling them.

As a tamer you’ll be hunting various animals and selling them to other players. Your main income will be from selling mounts, which can be quite profitable very early in the game. Zoology lores will be important part of any tamer, so you’ll have to also kill many of the creatures you want to tame. This will make your profession similar to adventurers and having some fighting skills will be needed. After you train your skills higher and are able to tame good combat pets you’ll start to depend on your own combat skills less, but they will always be useful when things goes wrong. A good profession to pair with tamer is Mage which will allow you to heal your pets during combat. Remember you don’t have to be a tamer to control a pet, so players will buy them as a way to deal additional damage, distraction or tank for them. Also the fact that mounts are used by every other profession makes it so you will always have a market for your skills. The downside is training all the skills up, which can take time and is one of hardest professions compared to others and also requires you to venture into the wild the most, so you need to learn to navigate the world.

First of all, you need to be subscribed to be able to use thievery skills. After that, you’ll probably be hated by everyone, since no one likes thieves (even less than player killers). But the rewards are great. You’ll be able to steal a valuable item from time to time and the greatest reward comes from locked chests throughout the world. Only thieves can learn lockpicking and open those chests without keys and riches in them can be quite nice. Since you’ll use up many primary skill points to get there, it won’t leave with much to protect yourself while you go search for those chests. Thieves are paired well with Magery or if you want to be more shady killer you can go for daggers and backstab. Whatever you do, speed will be your main goal, so you can run away with your stolen goods.

There are many other ways to make a living in MO. You can also offer services to other players and build your character according to that. Those are just some quick suggestions:

Postman - You carry items from town to town for other players. You’ll most likely have to vouch for those items with some kind of insurance and building up your reputation will be the most important thing. Being fast and knowing the land will be your main goal.

Traveling salesman - Someone needs a rare book or some specific item only found in another part of world? You can help them, they order the item, you get it for them, for a nice fee of course. Or you just travel from town to town with rare items and sell where there is demand for them. You’ll need good knowledge of the world and where to get things, but you can turn that knowledge into good profit.

Mercenary - You can be hired for escorts or protection. Being a good fighter will be a must and also knowing the land will help a great deal, when escorting other people through the world.

Bounty hunter - Hunt down those criminals and protect the innocent. Get a revenge for someone unable to do it themselves and get paid for it. The proof for your kill will be the bounties head. When your name gets well know, you’ll bathe in riches.

The possibilities are endless and you can be whatever comes to your mind. Keep your mind open and think outside the box and you might find a niche thing that will make you famous and rich. &
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