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Attributes Guide

Written By: Crowax

Attributes in this game are quite important in MO. Not only they give you the basic effect you would expect from them, they also add 10% of it's value to any skill that uses that attributes. This way you can actually have around 1200 skill point limit instead of 1100 as it says in skill window. For now just keep in mind, that strength based skills will be more effective at start, if you have high strength for example. Attributes are gained quite fast by using skills that are associated with them, so what you choose at start is not as important. It's probably best to start with a bit higher strength (for carry weight), dexterity (for a bit of speed) and constitution (for more health).

As mentioned, you gain attributes by using the skills associated with them. So for example, to gain strength you can go chop some wood and it will raise with time. In your character window there are "+" sigh next to each attribute. This means that attribute is marked so that it can increase. If you click on the "+" sign you can set each attribute as "lock" or "-". With "lock" it will not increase or decrease and with "-" it will start to decrease when you ran out of available attribute points and another attribute marked as "+" will want to increase. With that mechanic you can change your attributes and fine tune your character anytime. The only limit is your maximum attribute cap and minimum (which is 10 for each attribute).

Strength- Strength will affect the damage you make, increase your stamina and make you carry more weight. Some weapons also require higher strength to use and is especially important for archery and high strength bows.
Dexterity- Dexterity will give you more speed and increase your stamina.
Constitution - Gives determines your health and stamina, and increases your speed (half as much as Dexterity).
Intelligence- Increases your mana and helps you notice if someone is stealing from you.
Psyche- Increases your mana the same amount as intelligence and gives you a chance to resist some magic spells. Psyche also makes you move faster as ghost.
Size- Gives damage bonus, more health and carry weight.

The formula for bonus skill points gained from attributes is X/10, where X is an attribute for skill that only uses one attribute and (X+Y)/20, where X and Y are attributes for skills that uses two attributes. For example:
- To have 100 skill points Butchery (int), and you have 100 intelligence, you only need to train it to 90, that will give you effective skill level 100 after attribute bonus (90 + (100/10=10) = 100).
- To have 100 skill in Mining (str + con), and you have 80 strength and 100 constitution, you need to train it to 91 (91 + ((80 + 100)/20=9) = 100)

Some skills also compare directly your attribute value to your targets attribute value to determine a successful outcome (for example Stealing checks for Intelligence, so having high Intelligence helps you protect against thieves). &
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