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Builds Overview

Written By: Diphrael

This guide is to give new players a general idea of what roles specific builds play into the Mortal Online world.

Mortal has a very unique skill system, and allows you to build your characters in many different ways. Even so, there are specific archetypes that different characters fill. Know that there can be many variations within each build.

This is dated for Sep 2015. There will surely be future changes that will affect the meta in game, and may change the interaction and balance between the different builds.

Foot Fighter

The fighter is the front-line soldier who specializes in melee combat. Most PvP groups run with at least 50% of their group as fighters. Their ability to do sustained damage overtime is unmatched.

Skillcap: High
Main races: Thursar/Khurite, Tindremene, Khurite
Main stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
Weapons: Any melee weapon.
Armor: Heavy armor
Advantages: Strong damage, best defense, can parry.
Disadvantages: Vulnerable to Mounted characters, especially mounted fatmages. Vulnerable to fall damage. Generally they have no magic resistance. Cannot self heal without bandages.
Special builds: There is a subset of warriors called Psyfighters- which essentially sacrifice strength for psyche in order to become resistant to magic damage.
Excels at: Soaking up damage, dealing damage. The primary PvP class.

PvP video: Youtube Link
PvE/PvP video: Youtube Link


Foot Mage

The foot mage is a strong support class. They are very mobile, and can kite. Their main strengths lie within group fighting- where they heal allies, and suppress enemies by denying enemy healing. They are also capable of killing low opponents with burst damage from their spells.

Skillcap: High
Main races: Sheevra, Veela
Main stats: Dexterity, Constitution, Psyche, Intelligence
Weapons: None!
Armor: Light armor, between 3 and 6 weight.
Advantages: Best recovery from low health because of healing spells. Surgical magic damage that ignores armor. High magic resistance due to psyche.
Disadvantages: Vulnerable to both melee and ranged attacks. Limited mana pool means you do not have sufficient mana to kill. Cannot PvE without
Special builds: Some mages can be thieves as well. I've stolen many bandages and even enemy weapons in combat before!
Excels at: Healing in PvE or PvP. Best support class.

PvP video: Youtube Link



Hybrids are essentially a warrior who has all of the magic skills, while sacrificing the use of heavier armor. They double as healers, and can finish enemies with magic spells. This is the hardest class to master, but one of the most rewarding. You must be a master fighter, as well as a master mage to pull it off.

Skillcap: Very High
Main races: Veela, Tindremene
Main stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence
Weapons: Depends on the strength. Most hybrids use 2h swords, or flanged pole maces.
Armor: Varies. Between 6 and 9 weight for light hybrids, and up to 24 for heavy.
Advantages: Can recover from damage quickly. Has the ability to switch between melee, magic damage, and healing very quickly.
Disadvantages: Extremely difficult to master. Vulnerable to melee and ranged damage unless you use heavy armor.
Special builds: With heavy armor on, and reduced mana regeneration, you will be what is called a "Paladin". This build allows you to be a functional foot warrior with the advantage of healing spells, and some offensive spells.
Excels at: Being the jack of all trades. Best survival class.

PvP video: Youtube Link


Foot Archer

Foot archers are a decent PvE class. For PvP, they can be utilized to damage mounted characters from a distance. They also do decent damage versus mages. Unfortunately as a class, they are not very viable for PvP.

Skillcap: Medium
Main races: Thursar Khurite, Khurite
Main stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
Weapons: Bows that are tailored to your characters strength. Exceptional Blunt Arrows do the most damage.
Armor: 9 weight armor is recommended for stamina regeneration, but it is not unheard of to see a mounted archer wear plated steel.
Advantages: Ranged damage. Most archer builds have room for a melee weapon as well, and this character could easily double as a fighter. Using incendiary arrows, they do good damage to structures.
Disadvantages: Their damage is not exceptional, and they are unable to parry.
Special builds: None that I know of.
Excels at: Keep enemy mounteds at bay.

PvP video: Youtube Link


Mounted Archer

Mounted archers are a very potent ranged class with high mobility. They are very potent in PvE, and do very good work versus other mounted characters in PvP.

Skillcap: Medium
Main races: Thursar Khurite, Huergarr, Blainn
Main stats: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity
Weapons: Bows tailored to your strength level.
Armor: Generally heavy plate armor, but they can run in lighter stuff if they must.
Advantages: Ranged damage while a horse with heavy armor is extremely survivable, and is very effective at kiting. Demolishes enemy pets. Can weakspot enemies by shooting them in the head.
Disadvantages: Hitting ground targets is hard, and if you are dismounted you're stuck shooting on foot from a horse unless you have melee skills as well.
Special builds: Wheelchair Huergar builds forgo Dexterity for Psyche. You are useless on foot with that build, but you have the highest strength possible.
Excels at: Skirmishing with enemy players. The best at farming in PvE.

PvP video: Youtube Link


Mounted Combatman

The MC is a cavalry player which specializes in using weapons to hit things. Having an MC ride alongside a foot group is useful, as it allows for you to constantly pressure an enemy group, even when they are fleeing.

Skillcap: Medium
Main races: Kallard, Thursar mixes, Huergar, Blainn
Main stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
Weapons: Heavy weapons. Most people use axes.
Armor: Heavy armor
Advantages: Capable of running easily from combat if in danger. Can dismount enemy mounteds. High damage and burst potential.
Disadvantages: Must be in melee. If dismounted forcefully you are basically stunned for a few seconds.
Special builds: Many mounted combatmen have the same skills as a foot fighter, and if built the same way as a footfighter they may double as one. Another MC build is known as the Wheelchair, where you sacrifice all dex for max height and strength on a Kallard or Huergar to do the most damage possible while mounted.
Excels at: Hunting down footmen, and dismounting enemy mounts.

PvP video: Youtube Link


Mounted Mage

Mounted mages are a high mobile burst damage dealer and healer. The have the highest single target damage in the game, as well as the ability to nuke enemy groups with an AoE spell. They are very powerful in large scale engagements, and they run circles around most foot fighters. Their weakness is the mounted archer, foot archers, and when they are hit by the spell "corruption."

Skillcap: Medium
Main races: Huergar, Blainn
Main stats: Constitution, Intelligence, Psyche
Weapons: None
Armor: Light or medium weight armor.
Advantages: Highest burst damage in the game, has a very strong AoE attack (earthquake), very mobile unless dismounted.
Disadvantages: 2x as long cast time while mounted. Vulnerable to archers and mounted archers.
Special builds: There used to be a MM/Lance hybrid that did lots of melee damage with a lance, and then utilized magic for healing or burst damage at a range. I have not seen these lately, but these types of builds are possible.
Excels at: Burst damage versus ground targets.

PvP video: Youtube Link


Tamer / Dominator

Tamers and dominators

Skillcap: Low
Main races: Sheevra, Veela
Main stats: Dexterity, Constitution, Psyche
Weapons: Depends on the build, usually tamers will be a mage as well. Dominators are required to be mages.
Armor: Light armor.
Advantages: You point your crosshair at someone and tell your pet to attack them. It is really easy. For PvE you simply set your pet on a monster and heal the pet while it tanks and kills the target.
Disadvantages: They require a lot of skill points, and generally are not good at escaping. Mounted Archers demolish their pets as well.
Special builds: Dominator Mages are capable of using Demon Bats, which are a FLYING ranged artillery
Excels at: Doing PvE with your pet. A high level bear, minotaur, or spider is a very strong tank. &
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